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The meeting and event industry has a habit of throwing challenges our way at lightning speed. We may have a single role leading up to the event, but once we’re on-site, the bag of many hats comes out.

Signage keeps attendees on track and in all the right places, but what happens when rooms change, presenters miss their flight or an exhibitor drops out last minute? Are you dealing with pre-printed meter boards that now require some creative white tape placement? Or did you anticipate change and go the digital route? What’s the signage plan for the breakout room that was just added?

These are all real scenarios and a good reason to go digital. Going digital allows you to have all the master files on a computer that can be edited at moments notice. What if you’re starting from scratch on site?

It’s 10:00 PM, you’re on the opposite coast of your graphic designer and attendees start arriving at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning. Faster than you can say “I’m not a graphic designer”, the graphic designer hat has already appeared on your head. On the bright side, those graphic designers have the best looking hats because they’re creative – and so are you!

Assuming sleep is in your immediate future, let’s look at what you have available. Most likely if you’re on-site, there’s a computer with Microsoft PowerPoint within reach. There are other tools and certainly many ways to create a graphic for a digital sign, but we’re wanting results quick so we can get some much-deserved rest before another long day.

Below is a five minute tutorial to get that graphic completed.

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