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When I walk around conferences, I can’t help but notice all the static digital signage placed around the venue. Nothing screams under-utilized waste of money more than a static digital sign. Every digital sign you have on the floor should instead be screaming “I’m a money generating machine!”

You say “it’s simply a schedule for attendees”. I say “it’s an opportunity for sponsors, advertisers & guest speakers to gain more exposure from the attendees”.

Now I’m the first to admit, when I go into a restaurant and the menu board is constantly cycling through options, it makes me crazy. In fact, it usually cycles right before I get to the desert portion and then I have to wait patiently for it to cycle through again. You don’t need to do that to your audience. Whatever the main content is, place it and leave it. Make room for a banner and have the banner cycle while leaving the important stuff in front of your attendees.

Once you figure out the physical placement of the sign, the number of attendees, and the speed at which banners cycle, you have a basis for the number of impressions your potential advertiser can have per day. Get a few sponsors or advertisers and the signage rental pays for itself.

Below is a short video showing a session schedule with cycling ads. Well it’s actually not that short, but scan through it if you don’t need the full tutorial.

Hope this helps!
Tom Campana