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Let’s face it, pipe and drape can be boring. Is it better than a bare wall? No doubt! Can it look good? Sure. In fact, a large percentage of the meetings we’ve staged have been pipe & drape. Until recently.

Introducing the cyclorama ( or cyc as we call it in the biz) –  a large curtain or wall made of unbleached canvas or muslin. Typically a cyc is hung from truss rigged from points in the ceiling.  Another option is to floor support the cyc with Genie lifts to hoist (and hold) the truss. Rigging usually comes with a hefty price tag and Genie lifts come with a cost and a fairly big footprint. These factors can make it cost and/or space prohibitive for a smaller sized meeting.

So what do you do when you want to step up your meeting’s image without breaking the budget? We recently worked with a client that wanted just that – A cleaner more sophisticated look without the typical costs of moving beyond pipe & drape.

Our solution: Construct a custom structure that is easy to assemble with a minimum crew. We also wanted to achieve a clean top line across the cyc instead of the usual skirt hiding the top of the cyc (where it’s tied off and hanging from).

The result: A 36′ wide by 14′ high seamless cyc that carried off the lines of the 14′ high drapeline and screens. We added a gobo to project the company logo (edited out of the photo for privacy) for a perfect branding opportunity. The end result was stunning – It actually looked like a solid scenic wall. Uplighting the cyc set the mood and uplighting around the room carried the theme throughout.

Have a project? A difficult space? Let our experience help you meet your objections with a smile!

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