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Be sure to take five minutes to envision what your event will look like in photos. If you’re planning on using them for marketing, there are a few steps you can take to assure a good looking product . Is your organization’s logo on the lectern? What’s behind your keynote speaker? Is it uplit drape, a branded step and repeat, or a cyc? Or is it a bare hotel wall exposing a service door? Even better, maybe it’s a mirror that lets you stare at the back of your presenter’s head.

Take Action!

  • Always plan for a backdrop to your stage.
  • Ask for a photo of the lectern. If it’s not what you want to see in all of your event photos, rent one.
  • Ask for the dimensions of the lectern. Have a sign made. Fed Ex Office, The UPS Store & Office Depot are a few chains that print signs.
  • Ask for a floor plan. If the screen is off to one side, what’s between the stage and the screen? And more important, what’s behind the stage?

Remember, it’s your brand. When photos are posted on social media, will it represent your brand?

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