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Who we are

Meeting Relief provides not only the right audio-visual services and equipment for any event, but also the highest level of service in the industry. We are a small but mighty team with more than 20 years of experience. We take pride in helping our clients create the most engaging and memorable event possible, whether you’re pitching to a small group of executives or rallying a team of thousands. Our cutting-edge technology and passionate experts take the stress out of presenting to any audience. We’re here to help you make a great first impression that lasts.


We could start by saying that we bring your concept to reality; but that wouldn’t be 100% accurate. We go beyond your vision by providing you with the tools and environment to captivate and immerse your audience thus maximizing audience attention.

Have you ever wondered why the audience at a Broadway play stays engaged, but when you look around at a business conference a number of attendees are buried in their phones? We did. And the solution was evident – treat each production as a theatrical experience. By taking a theatrical approach to your program we are focusing on the end results – not only giving the audience the value of the live experience, but the platform for retention.

“I don’t just want to sell you a solution. I want to share my passion and help you achieve success because the results matter to me.”

Tom Campana

Tom Mission Statement


Passionate and results driven are so cliché, but so identifiable to the thread that’s woven into the fabric that makes the Meeting Relief personality. Since 1992 I have been involved with corporate productions and haven’t had a day of regret. In 2013 I leased my first storage space (after years of running a business from my home and using the basement as storage), and in 2015 leased an office/warehouse and Meeting Relief was officially born.

It was more than just wanting control – It was about building a team of experts that never say no. A team of individuals that are passionate about their craft and love making clients look like rock stars.

It’s about being proud. Showing up with equipment that is in near-perfect condition and not an eyesore to attendees. Each piece of equipment is a reflection of us. And after the event… Our goal is to leave the meeting space cleaner than it was before we arrived.



Flawless execution of your vision.



Collaboration with an expert team from start to finish.



To hand off all technical aspects of A/V to us. Let us do the work!



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